What is ZeveraHost

ZeveraHost is a cloud management software to connect all your cloud drives through a single login. You can store and move your content safely between your cloud drives. It gives you easy-to-use collaboration tools for project management and to synchronize files with your multiple devices such as your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet devices. We also offer software tools to help you optimize your computer and safeguard your privacy and content in a time when reliance on cloud storage solutions is growing rapidly.

How much storage space to you offer?

ZeveraHost offers 5GB of free storage. You can upgrade to 100GB and 1TB depending on the pricing plan you choose.

What differentiates your service from others?

ZeveraHost utilizes the fastest storage and servers for all premium users. We have built proprietary features and have built the system to allow our third-party partners to add new functionality to cloud storage. Our support team is always ready to help you and is available seven days a week.

How much does ZeveraHost cost?

ZeveraHost has a tiered pricing model. The free membership includes 5GB of cloud storage but has limited features. We have two premium plans which start at $12.99/mo for 100GB cloud storage, or as low as $7.50 for the annual subscription. You can also upgrade to a One Terrabyte (1 TB) cloud storage plan starting at $39.99/mo, with discounted pricing as low as $16.67/mo. for an annual subscription.

What is ZeveraHost privacy policy?

We believe that your code and content is your own. We offer end-to-end encryption, secure uploads and downloads, and global access to all of your files. We do not share you files with any other sources and value your privacy.

How can I access my files?

We offer syncing tools for all major operating systems and platforms. We have apps for desktops, Android and iOS.