Choosing a Cloud Storage Host

cloud-storage-1If you search online for cloud storage host, you’ll be bombarded with options. Which host should you choose? This brief guide gives you some tips on choosing the right cloud storage host that works within your budget, business model, and collaboration processes.

Does Your Technology Budget Scale with the Host Costs? One of the main reasons to use cloud storage is its scalability in costs. As your technology grows, your costs grow too. Of course, this means more expenses for your technology, but the idea is that your business is making more revenue as costs increase. This scalability in costs is beneficial especially to startup businesses that don’t have much budget.

How Fast Is Your Host? Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for files to upload to your host. If you know that you’re not the bottleneck, then the fault turns to your host. Cloud storage hosts should offer you plenty of bandwidth to deal with collaboration and use of large files that you need to upload to the cloud. You don’t want your cloud host being your bottleneck.

What Type of Features Do You Get with Hosting? Not every cloud storage host is built the same. If you plan to collaborate with a team, you need collaboration tools. If you will use the host mainly for development, you need development tools. Each feature should benefit your business. Check with the cloud host’s features to ensure you get everything you need to build a successful business. Some cloud hosts are made more for collaboration and storage, others are built more for developers who need to share code and work in teams. You might need to pay a little more for different features, but it’s worth the costs.

Do You Need a Specific Platform? Some businesses prefer Windows and others prefer Linux. If you need a specific platform, make sure your host supports your operating system. If you just use the cloud host for storage, operating system is probably not as important. However, if you use the platform to integrate tools or add plugins to your infrastructure, the type of platform you use might be important. Your developers will know which platform is best for their system.

Does It Offer Collaboration and Customization? Your cloud storage should offer you collaboration tools that you can use throughout your business. It should also offer you the flexibility of customizations. Flexibility will ensure that your cloud host is not just relevant now, but it’s also relevant for your business processes later. A good host gives you the ability to customize your cloud experience and tailor it to your needs.

These few key features will greatly improve your cloud experience. Check with your host and ensure that these features are customizable, flexible, affordable and scalable.

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