Connect all your cloud storage drives in one place!


We live in a time when all our information is spread out on multiple storage devices – our phones, computers, tablets and on the servers of the many online service providers we use. Then there are dozens of online storage service providers like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and many more that you knowingly or unknowingly use to store your information on.

This creates a new challenge when using multiple cloud storages. Many of us tend to forget where we store most of our files. It can be extremely time-consuming and equally frustrating when we can’t find the files that may be on another cloud drive.


ZeveraHost is a better alternative which offers the storage services rendered by the top cloud companies. It is designed to simplify using multiple online storage accounts. It allows you to connect and synchronize your various cloud storage accounts through one interface.

With ZeveraHost you’ll need just one cloud storage solution which can streamline and simplify access to all your information and save you time. There’s no need for you to visit the different your separate cloud storage accounts to view your files. Zeverahost is the ultimate solution and this way, you shall have no particular problem, and will be relieved that access to all your files is just one click away.

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